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Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

November 10, 2020
plumber in Anaheim, CA

As a homeowner, you know how important your water heater is to your household’s comfort and convenience. However, if your unit begins to show problems, you will need a plumber in Anaheim, CA from Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning to diagnose the issue. Needless to say, it’s important to be able to recognize certain signs…

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Why Video Camera Inspections are Important

October 29, 2020
trenchless pipe repair in Brea, CA

Your plumbing and sewer pipes are hidden in places that are hard to get to. Underground, beneath floors, and buried behind walls are all places that make it challenging for the average homeowner to be able to see a potential trouble spot. At Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, we use the latest in video camera…

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Benefits of Copper Repiping

October 19, 2020
plumbing company in La Mirada, CA

Replacing the plumbing in your entire home can be a very extensive job that requires a certain level of expertise. At Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, not only are we experienced in this area, but we can also provide you with some of the best materials for the job. Copper is one of the best…

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The Trenchless Repair Process

October 12, 2020
Trenchless sewer repair in La Mirada, CA

At Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, we offer comprehensive trenchless repair services that are designed to get damaged or slow-flowing sewer lines functioning properly again. Our process of trenchless sewer repair in La Mirada, CA includes the following basic steps. Diagnosing the Problem Before anything else, our team takes time to fully investigate the exact…

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The Advantages of Hydro Jetting

October 12, 2020
drain cleaning in Orange, CA

If you have a particularly stubborn clog in your plumbing system, one of the best options to fix it is professional drain cleaning in Orange, CA. If you have a drain that backs up often, hydro jetting may be the best procedure to tackle the problem. Here‘s why you should consider having it done professionally…

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Debunking Common Plumbing Myths

September 24, 2020
Nolan Snake Graham

It’s only natural to run into plumbing issues at home. It’s inevitable that you will have to deal with a clogged sink, overflowed toilet or leaking pipe at some point. While you might want to tackle some of these issues yourself, it’s often better to have a professional plumber in Anaheim, CA handle the repairs.…

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When to Seek out Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

September 14, 2020

If you’ve heard of trenchless pipe repair and trenchless pipe replacement in La Mirada, CA but you’re not sure about when these modern technologies should be employed, Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning has the answers you need. We possess extensive experience when it comes to diagnosing and repairing sewer pipe issues, and we generally recommend…

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Why Call A Plumber Just for a Simple Clogged Drain?

September 4, 2020

One of the most common issues with your plumbing involves clogged, or slow-moving drains. If your drains back-up regularly, or if you’ve been unable to fix a slow-moving drain on your own, it’s time to call in professional drain cleaning services with a plumber in Orange, CA from Graham Plumbing. When you use an experienced…

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What to Look for in a Plumbing Company

August 19, 2020

When you encounter plumbing issues at your home or business, it’s best to call in the professionals such as Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning. However, not all plumbing companies can provide you with the same level of service that we do. Here are important qualities to look for when choosing a plumbing company in Anaheim,…

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Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

July 31, 2020
trenchless sewer repair in La Mirada, CA

At Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, we like to advise homeowners on the importance of regular pipe cleaning. Let our experts discuss the benefits of trenchless sewer repair in La Mirada, CA. What is Trenchless Sewer Repair? Trenchless sewer repair involves a plumber who specializes in minimally invasive plumbing solutions. This method involves advanced technology…

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