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If you’ve heard of trenchless pipe repair and trenchless pipe replacement in La Mirada, CA but you’re not sure about when these modern technologies should be employed, Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning has the answers you need. We possess extensive experience when it comes to diagnosing and repairing sewer pipe issues, and we generally recommend trenchless sewer services for the following conditions.

Sewer Line Settling

Most pipelines settle over time, and this can lead to small separations between pipe sections. Trenchless sewer repair in La Mirada, CA is an excellent option for fixing this problem if the settling hasn’t caused significant changes to the pipe’s flow gradient.

Pipe Cracking and Corrosion

Whether a pipe has been cracked by rocky overburden or corroded by contact with wastewater, our team can address the damage with trenchless pipe lining in La Mirada, CA. We’ll install a new lining in the existing pipe that prevents further leaks and strengthens weak spots in the interior surface.

Tree Root Damage

Tree root damage is one of the most common plumbing issues that we encounter. Our crew is capable of ridding your piping of pesky tree and plant roots and then performing trenchless pipe repair in La Mirada, CA to keep the problem from recurring later on.

Complete Pipeline Collapse

If a section of pipe has become damaged to the point of collapse, trenchless sewer replacement in La Mirada, CA may be in order. This modern pipe repair method is designed to restore even seriously damaged piping to full service without the need for time-consuming, destructive excavation work.
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