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Drain Cleaning in Anaheim, CA

Whenever you need a plumber in Anaheim, CA, you can trust, look no further than Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning. We've got all you need and more to take care of your plumbing and drain cleaning needs so you don't have to do so on your own.

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Thorough Drain Cleaning from Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

When it comes to reliable drain cleaning in Anaheim, CA, there are several routes you can go. One of the best and most effective ways to remove clogs, however, is through hydro jetting.

Hydro jetting in Anaheim, CA, is an environmentally friendly yet powerful way to remove the gunk that causes obstructions and blockages. With the use of a high-powered machine, we use pressurized water that shoots through your pipes and clears its path as it goes. As a result, you are left with drains that work swiftly and efficiently, the way they were designed to.

Common Signs of Clogged Drains

If you notice standing water in your bathtub after a hot shower that doesn't seem to be moving even though the drain is open, you might have a clog on your hands. Simply put, you can begin to suspect a clogged drain in Anaheim, CA, anytime there is standing water in your tub, sink or toilet or when the water seems to be draining at a very slow rate. This is generally the most obvious sign of obstruction. Other signs include, but are not limited to, a lingering and unpleasant odor, contaminated water, or gurgling pipes.

One of the most common reasons drains become clogged is because of hair and soap scum. This is especially true of bathtub drains. As you shower and wash your hair, particles go down your drain and become trapped. Over time, this process continues and the hair and scum begin to build until the water can no longer pass through. As a result, you are left with standing or slow draining water.

Additionally, things like small objects, tree roots, and hardened oil and grease can also be culprits of slow-moving drains and will require the help of our drain cleaning company in Anaheim, CA, to get the issue fully resolved.

The Dangers of DIY Drain Cleaning

Before you head to the store to purchase one of those harsh smelling gels to put down your drain, you may want to consider the fact that many of those products work not only to corrode whatever is causing your clog but to corrode your pipes, too. As a result, you may be doing more harm than good, as your pipes are likely to take a beating each time you use it.

Moreover, you will want to avoid using homemade tools such as wire hangers and other items to "snake" clogged pipes. Rather than risk damage to your pipes and injury to yourself, simply call Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning to get the job done safely and risk-free.

A clogged drain can be a headache, but it isn't a job to be taken lightly. It is important that you hire professional and skillful technicians that can use their training, expertise and proper tools to properly perform drain cleaning in Anaheim, CA.

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