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It’s only natural to run into plumbing issues at home. It’s inevitable that you will have to deal with a clogged sink, overflowed toilet or leaking pipe at some point. While you might want to tackle some of these issues yourself, it’s often better to have a professional plumber in Anaheim, CA handle the repairs. These are several plumbing myths that may be damaging your system:

Your Plumbing is Fine if Your Sink and Shower Drain Freely

You might think everything is fine with your plumbing as long as your drains are working. However, this isn’t always true. Things like soap, food particles, sediment, and grease will build-up over time, until you’ll suddenly have a backed-up drain at the most inconvenient time. If it has been quite some time after your last plumbing inspection, it may be time to call for plumbing services in Anaheim, CA to ensure that your system is in excellent condition. 

Lemons Can Clean Out the Garbage Disposal

There is an old wive’s tale that says you should use lemons to clean out your garbage disposal. In reality, this is something we never recommend. While lemons can make your garbage disposal smell fresher, they don’t do anything to clean it and can actually damage the blades or even break them, which would require plumbing repairs in Anaheim, CA such as completely replacing your garbage disposal.

Water Heaters Don’t Need Regular Maintenance

Another plumbing myth is that your water heaters doesn’t require regular maintenance. However, if you neglect doing this, it can lead to a shortened life for your water heater and other plumbing issues. Always maintain your plumbing fixtures so you can avoid a potential disaster that requires emergency plumbing in Anaheim, CA.

Plumbing Snakes or Chemical Cleaners Always Fix the Problem

Many people think they can simply clear out a clogged drain by using a plumbing snake or with chemical cleaners from their local home improvement store. While these can sometimes temporarily get rid of the clog close to the drain, they unfortunately can’t usually fix the deeper issues in your drains. Some blockages, like tree roots, require the attention of a professional plumbing company in Anaheim, CA to be cleared. Using a plumbing snake yourself or chemical cleaners can cause damage to your drains result in an even bigger problem. 

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