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If you have a particularly stubborn clog in your plumbing system, one of the best options to fix it is professional drain cleaning in Orange, CA. If you have a drain that backs up often, hydro jetting may be the best procedure to tackle the problem. Here‘s why you should consider having it done professionally with Graham Plumbing. 

Thoroughly Cleans Your Pipes

Hydro jetting is more extensive than your typical drain cleaning services in Orange, CA. It uses a high amount of pressurized water to get into the smallest of spaces and wash away the tiniest particles clogging your pipes. It can completely flush out all of years’ worth of debris, including grease, tree roots, sludge build-up, and more, and will allow the water to run normally again.

Removes Residue

Your pipes get filled with soap, food particles, sediment, mud, grease and other residue on a regular basis. All of this debris can build up over time and lead to a backup. If you have a badly clogged drain in Orange, CA, hydro jetting is hugely beneficial in eliminating all of the residue stuck in your pipes.

Better Mobility

Hydro jetting in Orange, CA is superior to other drain cleaning options because it offers better mobility. Instead of using a drain snake to clear gunk out of your drain, you can enjoy better peace of mind with hydro jetting. It can move around your pipes directly and more easily and get into places that a drain snake cannot. Also, unlike a snake, hydro jetting does not cause damage to your pipes.

Eliminates Bacteria

Bacteria naturally develop in your pipes. This is natural due to all the substances that go down the drain, but it can cause bad odors and even adversely affect your health. Hydro jetting performed by a drain cleaning company in Orange, CA offers the eco-friendly benefit of cleaning out your pipes and eliminating all the bacteria.


Having a plumber in Orange, CA come to your home to perform hydro jetting is cost-effective compared with other pipe cleaning options. It does a thorough job, offering long-lasting results. You don’t have to think about cleaning your pipes for a longer time, which saves you money over time.

If you live in California and need professional drain cleaning services, contact Graham Plumbing at your earliest convenience.


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