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One of the most common issues with your plumbing involves clogged, or slow-moving drains. If your drains back-up regularly, or if you’ve been unable to fix a slow-moving drain on your own, it’s time to call in professional drain cleaning services with a plumber in Orange, CA from Graham Plumbing. When you use an experienced plumber for your drain cleaning, they use years’ of experience to solve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Initial Inspection

The first thing you can expect when you get drain cleaning in Orange, CA is an inspection. Your plumber will inspect your drain for the cause of the clog, which can be created by any number of sources, including hair, food, grease, mineral buildup or debris. Once they have gotten to the specific root of the problem, we will be better equipped to begin the job.

Remove the Clog

Once the cause of the clog has been uncovered, the next step in drain cleaning services in Orange, CA is to remove it from the affected drain. An industrial-grade snake or main line machine are often the first equipment to be used. 

If the problem is particularly severe, your plumber will make a recommendation on the best way to proceed, such as pulling a toilet, hydrojetting your main line, etc.

We typically don’t recommend a DIY approach using chemical drain-cleaners or snakes that you can rent at your local home repair store, because while these might temporarily get your water draining again, they very rarely clear the clog completely, and very often will end up damaging your pipes over time. 


Hydro-jetting is one of the most advanced tools in the plumber’s arsenal when fixing a badly clogged drain in Orange, CA. Hydro-jetting is an eco friendly solution that works with a high pressure stream of water that goes into the affected pipe and pushes out all the debris that makes up the clog. It’s a stronger type of technology that is used when standard snaking fails to correct the problem.

It’s important to know that hydro jetting in Orange, CA is not an everyday task that the average homeowner can perform. Because it utilizes special technology and tools, it can only be performed by a professional plumber. 
If you need to have your drains cleaned, you should contact Graham Plumbing, the top drain cleaning company in Orange, CA.


When something suddenly goes wrong with your plumbing–we know how
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