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When encountering a clogged drain in La Mirada, CA, many homeowners attempt to clear the blockage using chemical drain cleaners. At Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, we strongly advise against the use of these store-bought products. Let us discuss some of the biggest dangers of using store-bought drain cleaning products.

Puts Your Health at Risk

Although chemical drain cleaners are readily available at virtually any supermarket, the best approach is to leave these products on the shelf. Instead, hire a plumber in La Mirada, CA, from our team to clear the clog. The ingredients in store-bought drain cleaners may release toxic fumes. After breathing in these fumes, it doesn’t take long for respiratory issues to occur. You must be especially careful about allowing the chemicals to come in contact with your skin.

Dangerous to Pets and Children

You should never leave chemical drain cleaners around children and pets. A toddler’s natural curiosity may cause them to tamper with these products. The last thing you want is for your child to get poisoned. Professional drain cleaning services in La Mirada, CA, will enable everyone to remain safe.

Damages Plumbing System

The chemicals can produce excess heat, which can weaken and warp your pipes. This means the chances of a leak occurring increase dramatically by using these products. Get in touch with our top local drain cleaning company in La Mirada, CA, before you even attempt to use a store-bought drain cleaner. 

Bad for the Environment and Your Pipes

We offer green eco-friendly alternatives. When containers are taken to local landfills, chemicals can seep into the soil. This is bad news for the environment. If your home has an underground septic tank, the use of chemical drain cleaners can hurt its ability to break down waste. Pipes can also be affected. Rely on environmentally friendly procedures, such as hydro jetting in La Mirada, CA, instead.

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